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Awards and Achievements

Alfred & Jacinta Chapomba with the Red Ribbon AwardConsol Homes was selected a winner of the Red Ribbon Award 2008! Selected from more than 550 nominations from 147 countries the prestigious award recognises Consol Homes' outstanding "Community Leadership and Action on AIDS" and celebrates the courage, resilience and strength of communities supporting those living with HIV.

In announcing the winners Jeffrey O’Malley, Director of UNDP’s HIV/AIDS Practice, said “We have brilliant examples of community action and leadership across the globe. However, most of them are unheard and unsung. The Red Ribbon Award is a way to recognize and honor them". The Awards highlight the fact that often the most effective and innovative responses to the global epidemic are implemented by small, grassroots community-based organizations.

In recognition of the quality and achievements of our work, Consol Homes has been identified not only as a model for UNICEF's programmes for psychosocial care for children at risk due to HIV/AIDS in Malawi, but as the National Model for Orphan Outreach by the Malawian government.

We have also been awarded Unilever South East Africa's Lifebuoy Award for Outstanding Community Service.

In 2006 Consol Homes became one of the very first organisations to be nominated for the international Red Ribbon Award, an inaugural award programme organized by UNDP in partnership with UNAIDS, and established to recognize the achievements of communities developing creative and sustainable ways to provide care, treatment and support to people living with HIV/AIDS.  Representatives from Consol Homes traveled to Canada in August 2006 to participate in the International AIDS Conference and Red Ribbon Awards ceremony in Toronto.

Consol Homes has also recently played a major role in the organization of the first ever International Grandmothers Gathering held in conjunction with the 2006 International AIDS Conference, Canada, and led by the Stephen Lewis Foundation.


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